Surfing. 1778–Today


  • Voluminous and visually stunning, this book offers an in-depth exploration of the history of surfing, available in English with 512 pages and dimensions of 26 x 34.5cm.
  • Once a niche subculture, surfing has transformed into a global mass sport, complete with international competitions, renowned celebrities, and spectacular events.
  • The book features an array of captivating photographs and insightful essays from experienced surf journalists, offering an extensive look at how surfing has permeated various aspects of popular culture, including music, fashion, art, and photography.
  • It serves as a visual homage to the enduring allure of the endless summer, celebrating the essence of the sport.
  • Ideal for surf enthusiasts, pop culture aficionados, and anyone who appreciates captivating imagery and a comprehensive dive into surfing’s impact on our world.

Introducing an impressive masterpiece that delves into the rich history of surfing, this voluminous tome, available in English, spans 512 pages and measures 26 x 34.5cm. Once considered an exotic pastime for a select few adventurers, surfing has evolved from Captain Cook’s South Sea expedition in 1778 to become a global sensation. In the first half of the last century, it was a subculture, but today it stands as a mass sport with international competitions, renowned stars, and breathtaking events.

This book, accompanied by hundreds of captivating photos and insightful essays from seasoned surf journalists, traces the trail of sea spray that surfing has left across various realms of popular culture. From music to fashion, art to photography, it explores how the sport has left its indelible mark. This visual tribute celebrates the dream of an endless summer and is a must-have for surf enthusiasts, pop culture aficionados, and anyone with an appetite for stunning imagery.