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You are looking for new SUP equipment that suits your style and your stand up paddle board, but you also want to be conscious about the environment?

Then you came to the right place! We produce locally made fins from recycled plastics. If you know what you are looking for, go ahead and check our fins out.

But if you are not sure what fin fits you and your board, fear not, we are here to give you a few pointers!

SUP Fin Types


The best choice for a wide range of paddling tours


Delivering the extra tracking and stability for extended trips


Special design for seaweeds and rough underwater terrain



Here you will find all of our standard fins, offering a wide range of possibilities to use them. These fins have so-called dolphin-shape, because they resemble the dorsal fin of a dolphin.

Although the width of the base of a dolphin-shape fin is rather large, the surface area is not as big compared to other shapes. This is why, by using a dolphin-shaped fin, your board will feel stable, but it is at the same time easy to turn and to maneuver.

This shape is the most common one and with good reason. It is the best compromise of all the  characteristics of other shapes. They usually come out of the box with your board in sizes from 6.5 to 10 inches.

Our Allround fins offer you reasonable speed, combined with stability and easy handling. The perfect fin for beginners and every stand up paddler, who wants to have a good time on weekends, great for paddling as well as SUP surfing in the ocean.

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In this section all fins resemble the wing shape and have bigger height, ranging from 9 to 10 inch. In contrast to the dolphin-shape, wing-shaped fins are less rounded and more suited for longer adventures.

The wing-shape has wide base as well, but the diameter stays almost the same up to the tip of the fin. Often these fins are longer and extend deeper into the water. This is why this shape possesses more surface area and makes your stand up paddle board have much more stability, even when facing strong winds. Conversely the increased resistance, thanks to the bigger surface, affects your maneuverability.
This fin shape is best suited for long distance paddleboarding or for tours in the ocean, by reason of the superior steadiness and ability to go straight with ease. As long as you keep away from shallow waters, you will have no problems with this shape.
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Our river fins are designed especially for paddleboarding tours in rivers and shallow waters. These fins stand out for their shorter length and flat angle. This distinctly smaller fin shape is designed to stay low in the water, so that you can paddle in shallow waters with ease, without fear of touching the ground or bumping into rocks. The very flat angle makes sure that it is difficult for sea weed to entangle your fins and lowers the chances of breaking them in a collision with driftwood or rocks. 

The material of our River fins makes them almost indestructible. It is flexible, but also strong, to further reduce the risk of breaking, without losing stability.

Such small fins are of course perfect for tight turns and are best suited to make change of directions simple. But thanks to the broad shape and the resulting bigger surface, you will also have enough stability to paddle comfortably.

The river fins are made for what their name suggests. They are made for everyone who likes to explore rivers and water bodies with many obstacles, demanding a high degree of maneuverability.

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Leashes are essential, when it comes to stand up paddleboarding and you should always use one. By using a leash you are at all times connected to your board. This is of great importance, when you are paddleboarding in the ocean or difficult waters. Wind or currents can easily let your board drift away from you, faster than you can swim after. 

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Fin Systems

When it comes to our stand up paddleboarding fins, we have three different fin systems in our product line. You’ll find fins with a Quick-Lock, Slide-In or a US Box system in our shop. Please make sure, that the fin you want to buy, has the right fin system for the fin box of your board. To avoid, ordering a fin, that you can’t fix on your board.

US-Box System

Nowadays this system is very common among stand-up paddleboarding companies. It is a standardised fin system, so you can always be sure that a fin using this system will fit into your fin box as long as it uses the same system.

In contrast to the Quick-Lock system, this one is a bit more tricky due to the screw and it needs practice, to be able to change fins quickly. You have to push the fin into the corresponding fin box and secure it with a screw and a small disc. But be careful with those small things, you would not be the first to lose a screw in the grass or sand. A big benefit of this system is a wide range of manufacturers, so you will have a big variety of fins to choose from.

Quick-Lock System

You will find this system to be very common on SUP Board manufacturers like Bluefin, Thurso Surf and iRocker. This system needs you to plug your fin into the fin box on your board and fix it with a plastic clip-down, so it can’t come out.

This is maybe the fastest and easiest way to change your fin. Plugs are differently sized depending on their position. A plug for the center fin is bigger, compared to the plugs of the side fins. 

Slide-In System

This system is prevalent on less expensive boards. You just slide the fin into the rail on your fin box and fix it with a small bolt or clip. It is an easy to use system and allows for a quick change of fins without tools.


What are the fin properties that influence my paddling?


Taller fins will make your SUP board more stable and it will be easier to stay straight, when you move forward, but on the other side more resistance to the water will occur. You will need more power to accelerate, meaning you will be slower, when you are using the same energy compared to shorter fins. Especially when it comes to higher speed, a longer fin will help you to keep your board from shaking. This will allow you to reach greater speed, than by using a short fin.


Increase of the fins surface, increases your boards stability as well. Because a bigger surface generates more resistence to the water. On the other hand it will decrease the maneuverability of your board. More friction makes it less easy to change directions. The same is true for the acceleration, it is more difficult to gain speed with a big surface fin.


Your fins material is also an important factor. A thicker fin equals more resistance and the weight of your fin depends also on the material. Although when it comes to stand up paddleboarding, you can neglect the weight of you fin most of the time, although it becomes important, when you are into SUP Racing. We believe it is more important to have a robust fin, that can take a beating and will survive a collision with driftwood or rocks. Also we want to prevent any unnecessary plasticpolution to the worlds water bodies, there is too much floating around already, no need to make the mess even bigger. This is why we plead for the usage of long living and durable surfing gear. In general there are flexible fins and hard fins. We use plastic reinforced with glass fibres to combine the best of both worlds in our fins.

Single fin vs. 2 + 1 setup

The single fin setup is just one usually bigger fin in the middle of the board. The 2+1 setup offers also one middle fin, like the single fin setup, but it has additional 2 fin boxes to the sides. 

A single fin makes your board stable and provides speed, because only one fin is creating resistance. It is best suited for calm water bodies.

The 2+1 setup offers more flexibility, because you can always choose to take your side fins of and run a single fin setup. Using all 3 fins will make your board really stable, especially on days with wind or waves. You can use a smaller center fin with this setup, since the 2 side fins will give you more stability, making it a good choice for shallow water.


Basically rake is measured from the base of the fin to the tip along the front edge. A bigger rake means that the tip of the fin is curved further back. Fins with small rake are more stable, your turning radius will be more drawn out. Greater rake comes with more manuverability, making sharp and quick turns possible. You might want to have a fin with small rake for racing and one with bigger rake for rivers with obstacles or places where grass or seaweed can be a problem. 



Leashes are essential, when it comes to stand up paddleboarding and you should always use one. By using a leash you are at all times connected to your board. This is of great importance, when you are paddleboarding in the ocean or difficult waters. Wind or currents can easily let your board drift away from you, faster than you can swim after. Apart from the fact, that an uncontrolled board is a risk to other people. To protect you and others, you should at all times utilise a leash.

Coiled Ankle Leash

Like the name suggests, this leash should be attached to your ankle. Because our leash is coiled, the chance of dragging it in the water behind is minimised, but the risk of a whiplash is higher. You should keep in mind, that you can’t open an ankle leash as quickly as other leash types, since it is hard to reach the fastener with your hands while paddleboarding or swimming.

Coiled Knee Leash

This leash type is supposed to be attached to your calf, just below your knee. Due to the high placement on your body and the coiled string it is very unlikely that it creates drag in the water and it is easier to reach, compared to the ankle leash. But you should still withhold from using this type in dangerous waters, because it doesn’t open quickly enough.

Coiled Waist Leash

Our leashes also work in combination with a quick release belt, so that you can attach them to your waist. With a quick release belt, it is easy to disconnect yourself swiftly from your SUP board, perfect for tours, where you might need to discharge your leash as fast as possible.
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