Surf & Stay: 7 Road Trips in Europe


  • Explore 7 stunning European surf destinations, handpicked by experienced surfer and design journalist Veerle Helsen.
  • Discover a curated selection of surf hotspots, authentic beachfront restaurants, fabulous hotels, and scenic travel routes.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a coastal enthusiast, find mapped routes for the ultimate salt-colored holiday.
  • Dive into coastal culture with 256 pages filled with surf, photography, food, and design, appealing to all sea lovers.
  • Let the surf forecast guide your adventure with Surf & Stay, a book that encapsulates the essence of surf, sea, and wanderlust.

Introducing “Surf & Stay: A European Surfing Adventure” – a must-have guide for surfers and sea enthusiasts alike. This travel companion is tailored for the new generation of surfers who crave more than just the waves.

This comprehensive guidebook takes you on a journey through seven breathtaking European regions: Cornwall, West Flanders, South Brittany, La Côte Basque, Cantabria, Tenerife, and Alentejo. Veerle Helsen, an avid surfer and seasoned design journalist, scoured Europe to curate a selection of both renowned and hidden surf gems. You’ll discover authentic beachfront restaurants, fabulous hotels, and the most scenic routes to make your surf adventure unforgettable.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just seeking coastal bliss, Surf & Stay offers a meticulously mapped route for your salt-colored holiday. Find the best spots to catch the waves, indulge in delectable local cuisine, and rest your head in charming accommodations.

With 256 pages of coastal culture, this book is not only for surfers but for anyone with a love for sea and adventure. Veerle Helsen’s passion for surf, photography, food, and design shines through in this book, her second edition following the 2018 release that focused on the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Immerse yourself in the surf lifestyle and let the forecast dictate your schedule with Surf & Stay.

Surf & Stay – where surf, sea, and wanderlust meet.