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Brand Ambassadors

Supporting local communities is one of the core principles of Eisbach Riders and together with our ambassadors we strive to make surfing more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are so thankful to have earned their trust and are proud to assist them in pursuing their passions.

Marina Grimaldi

Big City Rapid Surfer from Madrid, staying true to her Canary Islands roots.

Eike Onnecken

Fully committed to fulfill his surfing lifestyle dreams on a small island in the German North Sea.

Nicola Volani

Restless Italian Stand Up Paddler, always on the lookout for a new surfing adventure.

Orion Miller

River Surfer with an obsession for the extreme cold from the Montreal Area.

Maja Röth

Maja might be a latebloomer, when it comes to surfing but her dedication more than makes up for her lost time.


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