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You are looking for surf equipment that suits your style and your surf board, but you also want to be conscious about the environment?

Then you came to the right place! We produce locally made fins from recycled plastics. If you know what you are looking for, go ahead and check our fins out.

But if you are not sure what kind of fin fits you and your board, fear not, we are here to give you a few pointers!

Surf Fin Types


The best choice for a wide range of paddling tours


Delivering the extra tracking and stability for extended trips


Special design for seaweeds and rough underwater terrain



In this category you will find all our fins for every surfing experience. They are suited for a wide range of setups and come with either a double tab (FCS) or single tab (Future) system, making it easy to change your fins quickly, whenever you feel like you need to. Most of them come in standard size G5/medium, the right fit for surfers weighing in between 65 and 88 kg. We offer fins for beginners or intermediate surfers, made from plastic reinforced with fiberglass for a great mix of stability, control and maneuverability, but also fins for advanced surfers, made from fiberglass with a honeycomb or bamboo core, designed to surf hard and fast.

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Rapid surf

Our rapid fins are your best choice for standing waves, be it river waves like the ones of the famous Eisbach or artificial waves, like the ones you find in wave pools. Rapid fins are smaller and designed for quick turns, because usually you will have not as much space compared to the ocean. You will usually be limited in space while riding rivers or wave pools, so you want a lot of maneuverability. It is also much more likely to hit a stone in the river or the sides of a pool, therefore it is smart to use a double tab system on your rapid fins. Usually in a collision, this will make sure to only break your fin, FCS II systems have a higher risk of ripping your fin box out.  

While rapid surfing you want to have a loose tail, to be able to do a lot of tricks. So usually you will run a thruster setup with a small center fin on big, powerfull waves or just two side fins on smaller waves.

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Here you can find our single fins, best suited to longboards with a single fin or  2+1 setup (2 side fins and 1 center fin). They are much bigger compared to other fins and give you a lot of stability and are best suited for straight surfing. 

Due to the size of the board and the fin, the board will feel hard-steering and slow to react to turns. But because they come with a US-Box system, you can play around with the placement of the fin, to make it either more stable or easier to turn.

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A leash is important to your safety and everyone else’s in the water. A leash keeps you connected to the surf board at all times. It will help to find your way back to the water surface after a severe wipeout and there is no risk of losing your board. 

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Fin size

Regarding a single fin or a 2+1 setup, you should choose the fin size depending on two factors: your weight and the size of your board. The bigger you weight, the bigger the size of your fin should be, to have the same amount of control as a lighter surfer with smaller fins. The same is true regarding your board size, in general a bigger board will need bigger sized fins, to be able to have the same stability as a smaller fin on a smaller board. Most of our fins are standard or medium sized, meant for surfers weighing from 65 up to 88 kg. 


Fin plug types

Nowadays we are lucky to have modern fin box systems. They allow quick and uncomplicated changing of fins anytime, wherever you are. So that you can always choose a fin setup suited to the conditions and your preferences.

While choosing and ordering a fin, make sure that your surfboard possesses the corresponding fin box. Otherwise you will not be able to plug your new fin in. Our fins are available in single tab (Future) and double tab (FCS), with exception to the longboard fins, they come with a US-Box system.

Single tab system

The single tab system is also known as Future and compared to the double tab system it has only one continuous plug, covering the whole fin base. After putting the fin in, you have to fix it down with one screw. Another big difference is the cant (angle of the fins) compared to FCS. This system is very firm, but this can be a disadvantage, especially while river surfing. If the fin hits an obstacle, the fin will not break at the plug, like the double tab fins, it will damage your fin box and your board instead. Leaving you with more complicated and more expensive repairs.

Double tab system

This plug type is also known as FCS system, these fins have two plugs, you put them into the fin box and fix them tight with one screw for each plug, so two screws for each fin in total. Nowadays there is a modern version of the double tab system available, called FCS II, it uses no more screws. The great thing about it, is that you can use fins with the older FCS system in the new FCS II fin boxes. Although the FCS uses screws, they can still work on a FCS II box.

US-Box system

Only the longboard fins or single fins feature the US-Box system in our product line. This system is a bit tricky, it makes changing fins a somehow more difficult. You have to fix the fin with a screw and a small disc to the board and it takes some practice to do this quickly.


Fin setups

There are many varying setups for your fins to choose from. Depending on the waves, the board and personal preferences, people may use different ones. So it is difficult to give exact advise, when to use which fin setup. We listed the most common setups below, so you can paint a picture for yourself.

You can find more fin setups here.


The thruster setup is today one of the most used ones. You will find it on surfboards of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Because this setup is an allrounder, it gives your board  a good mix of control, stability and mobility. It is suited for a lot of different waves, this is why beginners and pros will fall back on it. The thruster setup consists of one fin in the middle of the board, closer to the tail and two other fins, located a bit further towards the nose, on the left and right side of the center fin. These two fins are positioned at a slight angle towards the middle of the board.   


Quad setups have four fins. Two of them are positioned parallel next to each other at the tail of the board. The other two fins are placed a bit further towards the nose, closer to the edges. They are also pointing slightly towards the center. This setup offers more speed and because of the lack of a center fin, it is easy to make turns, but offers more stability and control than the twin fin setup.   




In most cases you will find a single fin setup on longboards. Your surfboard will feel a bit sluggish with only one fin attached and it is less easy to make turns. A single fin setup is meant to make your board go straight with ease and speed. The fin box for single fin setups is usually a US-Box system, so that you have the ability to move your fin closer to the tail or to the nose, whatever style you prefer. You move it forward to gain maneuverability or backwards to gain stability.


This setup is getting more and more popular on longboards, logs and even SUPs. You’ll need one fin box in the middle for a single fin and two side fin boxes to each side. In contrast to the thruster setup, you will be able to move the single fin backwards or forwards, depending on your need for more stability or maneuverability.

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