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Top 7 Stand-up Paddling (SUP) Places Around Munich That You Cannot Miss

The area around Munich is a paradise for all stand-up paddling adventurers, with endless possibilities for a quick paddle after work to clear your head, or a full-day weekend tour with the beautiful scenery of the Alps. So if you’re looking for stand-up paddling spots in Munich, here are some fantastic places to go stand-up paddling with your family and friends.

When preparing for a stand-up paddle trip, there are several essential pieces of equipment that you should bring along.

  • Firstly, a paddle is a must-have item, as it’s the primary tool you’ll be using to propel yourself through the water. Make sure to choose a paddle that is appropriate for your size and level of experience.
  • Secondly, fins are an essential component of your board, as they help with steering and stability. Make sure to check the fin system of your board beforehand and bring any spare fins if necessary.
  • Finally, a leash is another crucial item that should be attached to your ankle or calf, which prevents your board from drifting away if you fall off or wipe out. A leash is also a safety feature, as it helps you stay connected to your board, making it easier for rescuers to locate you if necessary.

Overall, these essential pieces of equipment will help ensure that you have a fun, safe, and successful stand-up paddle trip.

1. Eibsee

Explore the scenic panorama of the Alps while paddling on the Eibsee (©Jonas Allert/Unsplash)

Distance: 125 km from Munich

Driving Time: 1 h 15 min

Paddling Tour Duration: From 60 min (beginners) up to 260 min (experts).

Start/End point: Eibsee Hotel next to the parking lot.

Located 1000 meters above sea level with 2.4 km in length, Eibsee is a place that is designed for relaxed and calm paddling. There is much to explore on the island, plus the watercolor alone is awe-inspiring.

When you come from Grainau, you’ll lead to a parking lot. There is a cable car that goes up to Zugspitze so there is a parking lot for both. In the morning from 5 a.m to 9:30 am parking is 2 euros while in the evening after 6 p.m parking costs around 3 euros. Choose wisely, and you can save a euro.

A perfect place for people who are looking for peaceful and tranquil stand-up paddling in Munich. The crystal-clear water slowly gets calmer which makes the SUP experience even more fascinating. If you are a person who loves summers and sunshine, then Eibsee is a must-visit place for you to do SUP. Pack your bags and get ready to experience some beautiful moments.

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2. Tegernsee

Glide over the glistening blue of Lake Tegernsee, with a constant view of the Bavarian foothills (©Tatjana Medvedev/Unsplash)

Distance: 55 km from Munich

Driving Time: 55 min

Paddling Tour Duration: 60 min

Best time to visit: Between June to August (less expensive).

Start/End point: Begin with Mangfall and and follow any one of these trails.

Do some stable paddling strokes and you’ll find yourself gliding on a whiteboard in the beautiful and crystal-clear river of Tegernsee, where the sun will be ready to warm your skin.

The most fantastic thing about SUP in Tegernsee is that you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the incredible landscape. Around every station, you’ll get tutorials on how to glide the board effectively on the river. A great activity that provides exercise for the whole body and, most importantly, you’ll learn to balance your body.

And in most cases, you can take your equipment and enjoy the SUP experience without anyone interfering in your journey. The water sports in Tegernsee are designed for fun and the whole family. With SUP there is a lot to explore in the water.

3. Ammersee

Spend your day paddling on one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring waters (©Oliver Kruse/Unsplash)

Distance: 50 km from Munich

Driving Time: 60 min

Paddling Tour Duration: 60 min

Best time to visit: Between June to August due to the moderate climate.

Start/End point: You can start with any one of the mentioned spots and enjoy your route.

If your heart is into surfing – a cool surfer girl or a brawny beach boy, there is a chance to shine high at Ammersee Stand-up Paddling. There will be professional trainers to provide you with proper training, and you’ll get 30 minutes of intensive free paddling. It is a 5-minute walk from S-Bahn station and you’ll find yourself in the most beautiful and awe-inspiring waters.

It all begins with the jetty to the left of Dieben. From the bank on the left, you’ll be able to reach the spot.

You’ll have to leave the sailing boat on the campsite at Riederau lido. This is a nice spot to take a break. When you arrive there, you’ll have the option to take a course before you step in the water.

If you go between June to August you’ll get moderate weather which means there will be a lot of time to enjoy the water.

4. Starnberger See

Stand Up Paddling at one of the hottest attractions in Germany (©Kurt Liebhaeuser/Unsplash)

Distance: 40 km from Munich

Driving Time: 50 min

Paddling Tour Duration: For beginners, the Rose Island tour is 75 min, for experienced paddlers, the Possenhofen Castle tour takes 180 min.

Best time to visit: Between May to September due to pleasant weather.

Start/End point: A good place to begin is SUP Club Starnberger See.

Frequently known as one of the hottest attractions for tourists in Germany, Starnberger lake is famous because of its easy access from the S-Bahn in Munich.

You’ll initiate the journey from the east bank, crossing the King Ludwig Memorial Church till the end of lake. It’s a peaceful journey where you’ll enjoy the vista of the beautiful water and the beautiful weather.

The only limit here is entering Rose Island. The ban is due to the sensitive pile dwellings. So, there is a lot of areas to cover, which is seven kilometers to Percha.

With just a little training, you’ll be able to glide the boat quickly in the water. And once you’re in the water, you’ll lose track of time. The view from the surroundings is majestic.

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5. Chiemsee

SUP is just plain fun, but even more so when you have a great view of the Chiemgau Alps while you’re doing it (©Waldemar Brandt/Unsplash)

Distance: 70 km from Munich

Driving Time: 60 min

Paddling Tour Duration: 60 min

Best time to visit: Between June to August due to moderate temperature.

Start/End point: A good place to start is Breitbrunn.

What if you could see the Chiemsee in a completely different light? Gaze out at the waves moving with your gaze, from the beach bar to the mountain. Go!

Gather all your stuff or rent out a board to paddle your way out in Chiemsee along with several mini lakes.

The water is calm, which makes it a perfect learning ground for SUP. It is a great chance for beginners to learn how to control the broad. Even for experienced paddlers, there are long tours that help them create and beautiful memories.

When you stand paddling, you’ll see tons of secluded beaches where you can pause and enjoy the beauty around you. Go with a group and enjoy the trip with your loved ones.

The rivers in Chiemsee are calm, which makes them perfect for stand-up paddling. The starting point Alz and the Tiroler are ideal for starting. The beginners can quickly start with clear waters.

6. Wörthsee

The idyllic and at the same time manageable Wörthsee offers something for every stand-up paddler (©Agent J./Unsplash)

Distance: 33 km from Munich

Driving Time: 45 min

Paddling Tour Duration: 90 min

Best time to visit: Between June to August due to pleasant weather.

Start/End point: Begins from Roßschwemme entry point and ends back to the starting point.

By crossing the turquoise-blue water you’ll be able to reach Wörthsee lake quickly – a gorgeous lake in the region.

If you are starting in stand-up paddling, this is the perfect spot to begin your journey. The water is calm, and you’ll be able to travel easily without much guidance. You can easily journey towards the natural reserve Mouse Island. It is protected so you cannot go on to the island, but it is a treat to paddle by.

With moderate weather, you’ll easily be able to glide in the water. There are spots where you can stop and enjoy the view on both sides. Enjoy the cool drink while you travel back to the starting point.

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7. Staffelsee

Distance: 72 km from Munich

Driving Time: 1h 10 min

Paddling Tour Duration: 30 min

Best time to visit: Between May to September due to pleasant temperatures & humidity.

Start/End point: The starting point is Achrein bei Murnau and ends at Schlehdorf.

Nothing goes better together than sun, summer, and water sports. If you want to experience it all together, there is no place like Staffelsee. Although the place experienced some extreme weather last year, stand-up paddling is still something that people come here to experience.

Discover the Beauty of Munich’s Surroundings through Stand-Up Paddleboarding Tours

Munich offers some exciting SUP tours. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful the scenery is around the various lakes. If you are planning a tour to pamper your mind, soul and body at the same time, choose one of the stand-up paddling spots in Munich described above and nothing will stand in the way of your adventure.

Stand-up paddlers generally do it as a form of entertainment. Paddles and boards in tow are fun to use in the water. When you share these experiences with your family and friends, the joy and happiness grows even stronger.

SUPing with those you care about not only gives you a great workout but also allows you to share an experience that is impossible on land. Exhilaration and freedom of adventure can never be matched by the camaraderie and bonds that bind you with your circle of friends. It is possible to experience intimate settings on paddleboarding that are sure to be memorable and suitable for the group for years to come.

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