Orion Miller

Orion first started surfing living in a van in Australia for a year, travelling from coast to coast with a water-logged shortboard missing the centre fin. Fast forward to today, Orion surfs any wave he can on all types of boards (most often with fins), whether it’s forty above or forty below, on river waves in Quebec, storm swells of the Great Lakes, the salty swells on both Canadian coasts or distant tropical destinations.

Originally from British Columbia, Orion moved to Montreal with his prog jazz/hip-hop band, The OM Sound, to explore the city’s vibrant arts scene, and he was stoked to discover a plethora of world-class river waves close to his new home. Nowadays he is best known for braving the extreme cold, frequently seen winter surfing the rapids of the St. Lawrence River and dodging icebergs with a thick ice beard.